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The maps and contact details of our Authorised Dealers and Technicians above, is a current list of such companies and persons who are available to supply, install, commission, service, repair as appropriate, the full range of Kalor wood pellet stoves and boilers. As such, each Dealer and each Technician have attended specific training courses for Kalor appliances.

We do not endorse or recommend any particular dealer or technician. All Dealers/Technicians are independent of Wood Pellet and we offer absolutely no recommendations or warranties on their work or service.

The choice of the service provider is the sole responsibility of the homeowner who should do their own research with regard to choosing a reputable supplier and/or technician to purchase their stove from, install their stove, commission their stove, service their stove, etc.. References should be sought for all such installations, as an incorrect or incomplete installation will invalidate the stove/boiler warrranty.

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stockistsKalor wood pellet stoves are available through our network of reputable dealers throughout Ireland. View our map andĀ find the dealerĀ nearest to you >>

About Kalor Stoves

Kalor logoKalor stoves, manufactured in Northern Italy are the world's most efficient wood pellet stoves. Having worked with Kalor for several years now, Wood Pellet believe they represent the benchmark for quality and reliability.