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Top brands

Share the advantages of offering leading brands and benefit from our success to date. As the leading wood pellet stove importer and distributor in Ireland, we'll help you to really stand out from your competitors. We guarantee to have customers coming to you, looking for our specific brands and if you choose us as your wholesale partner, you’ll be in the perfect position to give them exactly what they want.

Product range

At Wood Pellet, we offer a vast range of products in all shapes, sizes and colours. Our business model is based around giving great service and choice to our customers. We have something to suit everyone, whether it’s a small air stove to heat a small sitting room or a large boiler to heat an entire house or even larger. And there's a vast array of types and styles, from inserts to slim stoves, and from cookers to plant room boilers.
This enables you to have a suitable product to offer almost any customer. We stock a lot of our most popular models but have partnered with a leading haulier company to offer exceptional service and impressive travel times to bring products from our suppliers, direct and without compromise. This enables us to offer our huge range of products.

Unrivalled support

Our solid reputation has been built on customer service. Firstly to you, our trusted partners – we’re here for you at all times, whether its for assistance with a sale or help with an issue. We support your staff and will help them to understand our products, not only so that they can sell more but so that they can sell better. As you’ll know so well, selling the right products to the right customers is key to future business.
We also offer support to your customers if and when required. Their first contact is you of course and its our intention to have you appropriately trained, to enable you to answer most questions and quickly resolve most issues. But for those issues that fall outside that scope, we’re here. Phone support, chat support and with dedicated technicians on the road too. 

Sales leads

Our website performs very well in search engines including Google and Bing and has several thousand visitors each month. Every lead is passed on to our Trusted Partners; we don’t sell direct to the general public so our partners reap the benefits or our online presence. We operate a live chat service on our website to answer customer questions and again, they’re then referred to their local Authorised Dealer. We also have a library of customer support articles in our Support Centre which is also linked to our website, helping your eventual customers to find answers and solutions both before and after the sale.

Marketing support

We offer a wide range of marketing materials and support to help you engage with your audience. From physical materials such as signs and banners to digital support with social media and websites, we have a lot to offer. We also work hard to keep our own website and social channels up to date and we're happy to help you with yours too if you'd like. We’re here to help you to succeed. After all, if you succeed, then we succeed too. We’re always open to new ideas and we’re always willing to assist our trusted partners in any way that we can.

Our experience

We have unrivalled experience and expertise in wood pellet stoves and boilers in Ireland. We’re Ireland’s first and only dedicated wood pellet stove wholesaler and distributor. Others have tried to copy what we do, but we're continuously innovating and staying ahead of the competition. This is down to our extensive knowledge about the products we sell and our determination and willingness to keep training and learning ourselves. You get to benefit from our experience and expertise when you partner with us.

Dedicated, personal contact

We offer personal support and consultation to all our Authorised Dealers. We have full time sales and technical representatives on the road and you’ll have regular (not too regular ?) visits to enable personal support with a comforting, face-to-face ingredient.
Along with our road team, our friendly office staff are always there to assist you with any query whether it be a price, lead time or up-to-date delivery information. 

Start-up support

We appreciate that you may not have a full understanding of wood pellet stoves and boilers yet. We don’t expect a new partner to know everything and we’re here to help with that. We offer unrivalled support and training to enable you and your staff to become knowledgeable and confident in our full range of products. We offer website and web design support with free content, ready and waiting for you to incorporate into your own website.
Our aim is to make it easier for you to start out as an independent Authorised Dealer and to help you hit the ground running. Through our vast experience, both with wood pellet and in sales, we’ll help you with our opinion on what works and what doesn’t work, when introducing these appliances to your customers.


In a market that’s constantly changing and with increasingly demanding customer expectations, Wood Pellet works in partnership with our Authorised Dealers, offering regular training to staff members, installers and even your customers! This training covers everything from sales tips to maintenance and offering support on technical issues. By offering extensive training to our partner’s employees, we believe that this enables our partners to be the best they can be.

Technical Aftersales Service

I suppose this is where we really excel. We earned our reputation through hard work and ensuring that all issues are rectified in a timely manner. Through extensive partner training, we expect our Authorised Dealers and Technicians to be the first point of resolve for end-users. For more difficult problems and warranty related repairs, we have a dedicated technical department, including field technicians to ensure every stove and boiler we’ve supplied is working at it’s optimum. To this end, we’re well ahead of the competition. This is why our partners stay with us and how we’ve earned our strong reputation.


What we'd need from you

We’re always looking for committed trade partners to expand our Authorised Dealer network. We have a few requirements but nothing you wouldn’t expect we think:

  • You need to be committed to selling wood pellet appliances and willing to open your mind to new possibilities. 
  • You need to add our models to your showroom and have at least one working if possible.
  • You and your staff need to be committed, motivated and capable of learning about our products. 
  • You need to be able to effectively and promptly deal with the leads that you receive, both through your own channels and that we provide. 
  • You need to be able to offer great sales assistance and advice to your customers. 

The role you play as an Authorised Dealer is vital to our business too. When you go the extra mile for your customer, it really means something. You leave customers happy and confident in their purchase and feeling like they’ve had  great experience. Then, they talk about you to their friends and the next sale is imminent.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today and tell us a bit about you and your company at [email protected] 
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